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Churros Recipe (VIDEO)

Homemade Churros coated in cinnamon sugar are the ultimate treat! We can’t get enough of their spongy soft centers, crisp edges, and sweet coating. Make sure you don’t skip the chocolate dipping sauce!
Watch the video tutorial and you will see just how easy it is to make this Churros recipe using pantry staples.
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Churros are one of our favorite Spanish and Mexican-inspired desserts, along with Flan and our popular Tres Leches Cake (we even shared Tres Leches Cupcakes in Natasha’s Kitchen Cookbook)! When it comes to Mexican desserts, it’s hard to pick a favorite. They all make such delicious party desserts and leftovers are a rare occurrence.
How to Make Churros Video

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What are Churros?Most people think that Churros are a Mexican dessert, but they actually originated from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine and are one of Spain’s most popular street foods. They later became popular in many Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico, where they are traditionally served with chocolate sauce.
Churros are made with simple choux pastry dough – the same dough used for Eclairs, Cream Puffs and Zeppole Donuts. The churro dough is piped directly into hot oil then rolled and generously coated in cinnamon sugar. Churros are a popular carnival or fair treat and now that Costco no longer serves their famous Churros, we all need an excuse to make them fresh at home.
Churro IngredientsIf you haven’t tried a fresh, homemade churro you are in for a treat! Homemade churros taste best because you get to use fresh oil that hasn’t been frying churros all day long. This recipe requires simple refrigerator and pantry staples.
  • For the shoux (pronounced “shoo”) pastry – a super versatile dough that combines: water, milk, butter, 1 tsp sugar, salt, flour, and eggs. It produces a smooth and non-sticky but pipeable dough.
  • For the Cinnamon Sugar – a simple combination of mostly sugar with some ground cinnamon adds a sweet and warm coating to the churros. Tools Needed to Make ChurrosTo make the dough, you really only need a medium saucepan and large pot to fry (a clip-on thermometer will help you maintain the temperature of the oil), a wooden spoon and an electric mixer (either an electric hand mixer or a stand mixer will work).

  • Use a Large Open Star Tip – We used a Wilton 1M piping tip and a large piping bag. I went through 4 grocery stores before finding the right pastry tip and determined it’s easiest to buy it online. Avoid using a small tip or the dough will get stuck.
    Pro Tip:If you don’t have the tip or piping bag, you can put the dough into a large Ziploc bag, cut off a 1/2″ diameter circle at the bottom, and pipe it into the oil. They won’t have the traditional churro star shape, but they will sure taste good!
    Tips for the Best ChurrosChurro dough is surprisingly easy to master. Follow the step-by-step video instructions and you will be a pro in no time.
  • The dough is done “cooking” when it is smooth, and a thin film forms on the bottom of the saucepan. This process allows it to release extra moisture and it will be easier to pipe the dough.
  • Use large, cold eggs. The cold eggs help to cool down and slightly thicken the batter.
  • Beat the eggs in 1 at a time, allowing each to incorporate fully before adding the next.
  • Keep them short– Pipe the batter into hot oil in 6-inch lengths. Longer churros tend to curl more and are difficult to flip.
  • Maintain the oil temperature between 350˚F and 370˚F while frying. A clip-on thermometer will help you monitor the temperature.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pot – Adding too many churros to the pot can cool the oil too much.
  • Roll in cinnamon sugar immediately while they are still warm/hot and it will stick better.How to Serve ChurrosChurros are such a treat rolled in cinnamon sugar without anything else required, but if you’re craving a dip, our favorite homemade sauces are:

    • Caramel Sauce – an easy, smooth salted caramel
    • Warm Chocolate Ganache – thinned with a little extra cream
    • Dulce De Leche – perfect for dipping and drizzling on churros
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