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Meatloaf Recipe with the Best Glaze

Amazing homemade Meatloaf Recipe. The meatloaf is so tender and juicy on the inside with a sweet and tangy glaze that adds so much flavor to the meatloaf. Serve the easy meatloaf with mashed potatoes and a side of asparagus. 

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Hey, hey! Valentina with Valentina’s Corner sharing our Meatloaf recipe.
Meatloaf Recipe:Ground beef mixed with onion, Panko breadcrumbs, fresh parsley and seasonings produces an irresistibly tender and juicy meatloaf. The sweet and tangy glaze adds amazing flavor to this classic meatloaf.

Tips on How to Make the BEST Meatloaf:
  • DO NOT OVERMIX which can result in a tough/dense meatloafLine your loaf pan with parchment paper with edges hanging over the pan for easier removal of meatloaf. Keep the juices from the pan and pour over the sliced meatloaf before serving. Chop the onion finely, allowing it to cook through (or sautee onion before adding)Gently press meat into the pan so it holds its shape.Rest meatloaf for 10 minutes before slicing

What is the Best Meat for Meatloaf?You want to use ground beef that is 85% or 90% lean meat. Do not worry about using lean meat – the rest of the ingredients will keep your meatloaf moist and juicy. Avoid super lean meats. 
Meatloaf Sauce:This meatloaf sauce is incredible as a glaze for the meatloaf with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. Ketchup combined with brown sugar, garlic and onion powder, salt, pepper and vinegar creates an irresistible sauce. Once baked, the glaze caramelizes and is SO GOOD! 

Can I bake Meatloaf on a baking sheet?For crispier edges, bake meatloaf on a baking sheet. Out of foil, create a self-made pan with edges to keep the drippings from the meatloaf as it’s baked. Shape meatloaf and place into the foil. Continue with baking instructions. NOTE: Baking time may slightly vary, depending on the shape and thickness of the meatloaf.

How long to cook Meatloaf?Cook the meatloaf uncovered for 40 minutes at 375°F. Add the sauce, and bake an additional 15-20 minutes, or until internal temperature is 160°F. If using a smaller loaf pan than 9″x5″, increase cooking time.

Leftover Meatloaf?If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, here are some leftover meatloaf ideas (and I’d love to hear your ideas in a comment below):
  • Leftover Meatloaf Sandwiches
  • Make Spaghetti Bolognese (just add meat to the sauce!)
  • Beef Tacos – Break up the meat and put it in tacos
  • Quick Beef Chili – just stir, simmer and enjoy!
Can you freeze Meatloaf?Yes, meatloaf may be frozen before cooking. To freeze, prepare meatloaf per instructions. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and foil and freeze.
Defrost the raw meatloaf in the refrigerator covered. Continue with baking instructions.

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