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Corn Chowder Recipe (VIDEO)

Fresh Corn Chowder loaded with sweet summer corn and tender potatoes in a creamy and flavor-packed corn broth.
If you love the comfort of Clam Chowder, this corn chowder recipe is sure to become a new favorite. This crowd-pleasing soup is perfect for entertaining on cool summer nights.
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Corn Chowder Video Tutorial: Corn chowder is quite a treat when fresh corn is abundant. We love to use both the kernels and the stripped cobbs for sweet corn flavor. This corn chowder has the creamy richness of a Potato Soup and the addition of tender corn and bacon makes every bite memorable.
Ingredients for Potato Corn Chowder:The ingredients here are simple pantry and refrigerator staples that come together to make the best pot of soup.
  • Corn: Corn that is still on the cob is best so you can utilize the kernels and the corn milk from the husks (see below for fresh corn substitutions). Check out our tips for buying corn.
  • Potatoes: we use Yukon gold potatoes for their tender, waxy texture which is perfect for a chowder.
  • Carrot, Celery, and Onion: This aromatic trio is critical to adding flavor and we use them in nearly all of our soup recipes.
  • Bacon: Sauteeing the bacon and then cooking the veggies in the bacon grease adds wonderful flavor and we use the cooked bacon to garnish the soup. No one will resist that bacon topping!
  • Chicken Broth, Milk and Cream: These form the base of the corn stock. We simmer the shucked cobbs in this combination for a deeply delicious chowder base.
  • Cayenne Pepper: This simple seasoning is all you need, plus salt and black pepper of course.
How to Easily Remove Corn SilkAfter the corn is shucked, it’s important to remove the silk threads for the smoothest consistency. The easiest way to remove corn silk is to brush the corn with a bristled brush or even a clean toothbrush. The bristles catch the silk and it comes off quickly and easily.
What is Corn Stock?Using the whole cob of corn will give you the best-flavored corn stock. Allowing the stripped cobs to simmer for 20 minutes with the broth, cream, and milk draws out every bit of rich and sweet flavor from the corn. After discarding the cobs, you are left with really delicious corn stock.
How to Make Corn StockOnce the corn stock is made, the steps for making corn chowder are simple. To save time, I suggest making the stock while you proceed with the rest of the recipe in a separate pot. Watch the video tutorial above and you will be a pro in no time.
  • Make the Corn Stock – Cut the kernels from the cobs and set kernels aside for making chowder.* Place the bare cobs in a stockpot. 
  • Add broth, milk, and cream, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 20 minutes while making the chowder. Use tongs to remove and discard cobs before using corn stock. How to Cut Corn off the CobsCutting corn from the cob can get messy with kernels landing all over your kitchen. You can avoid making a big mess with this simple trick:

  • Set a small bowl upside down inside of a larger bowl. Place your corn vertically on top of the smaller bowl, hold the top, and cut the kernels off by running your knife straight down against the cob. The kernels will fall into the larger bowl, just be careful not to hit the bowl with your knife. You can also do this over a bundt pan.
    How to Make Corn Chowder
  • Sautee bacon in a Dutch oven until crisps and renders fat. Remove bacon to a plate, reserving 2-3 Tbsp of bacon grease in the pot.
  • Sautee veggies (onion, celery, and carrot) in the bacon grease until softened.
  • Add potatoes and corn kernels and season with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.
  • Add corn stock into the pot and simmer until potatoes are tender.
  • Serve in warm bowls garnished with bacon and chives.Can I use Frozen or Canned Corn?Fresh corn on the cob and especially local produce will give this chowder the best flavor. For winter corn chowder or when fresh corn is not available, try these instead:

  • Frozen Corn: frozen is usually produced at the peak of freshness so it will work and will save you some time. Since you won’t have the cobs for making corn stock, add a 15 oz can of creamed corn for a tastier broth.
  • Canned Corn: Use (1) 15 oz can corn and (1) 15 oz can creamed corn. Add the liquid ingredients at step 3 without pre-cooking them. The liquid from the canned corn will add a boost of corn flavor.Topped with bacon and chives, this Corn Chowder becomes such a comforting bowl of soup. It’s a family favorite, right up there with Zuppa Toscana!

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